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2020 Self Esteem, Slacker red blend

2020 Self Esteem, Slacker red blend

90% Grenache, 10% Syrah

A full raspberry bush is nestled inside the aromatics and flavors of this wine.  The soft floral aromatics of the budding flowers mingled with hints of forest greenery feel like a wreath for your olfactory senses.  Fresh juicy raspberry pops on the pallet, with fine persistent tannins that begin strong then slowly melt away.  While Self Esteem is meant to be enjoyed young, the undertones of sage and cedar hint at a complexity only just beginning to develop and, with time, may surprise.

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2020 Self Esteem
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90% Grenache, 10% Syrah

Grenache makes you smile, smiling makes you happy, happiness begets self esteem.  Soft, floral aromatics of budding flowers mingle with hints of forest. Fresh, juicy raspberry pops on the pallet, with fine, persistent tannins.  

enjoy with:
sunset, fish tacos, Thai BBQ, watermelon salad..

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