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2020 Rising Tides 1.5l magnum

2020 Rising Tides 1.5l magnum

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A beautiful balance between Grenache and Syrah, harmonizing their grace and structure. Red current and blackberry nestled on a soft forest floor, hints of the earth showing through in the aromatics.  Smooth across the tongue with a firm gripping tannin on the mid-palate. Dried flowers and strawberries linger on the finish.  Enjoy a more fruit forward wine now through 2025, experience a softer palate and more secondary earthy character 2026 through 2032.

Spaghetti Carbonara, Crispy pork belly, roasted bone marrow, miso ramen, onion rings, Paella with white fish and scallops

Cheese Pairings:
Taleggio Raw Milk - cow’s milk, Italy
Jake’s Gouda - cow’s milk, New York
Double Bubal- buffalo’s milk, Central Coast Creamery in Paso Robles

Our flagship wine, Rising Tides embodies all that we strive for in blending.  It shows not only balance in its flavor and body, but is in itself a balance between vineyards, varietals and aging vessels every year.


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2020 Rising Tides, 1.5L
Grenache 69%, Syrah 31%
“I’ve learned to not subdue the Rising Tides, for they cannot be tamed.”

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